Is A Clay Pottery Business For You?

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Starting a Business in Clay Pottery

When starting any business it is ideal to have a written plan. By constructing a plan you will save yourself the troubles of losing out...

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How to Manage Products and Customer Orders?

Even though it is thrilling to create unique, new pottery products it is critical to always put your customers orders first. Your speed with production...

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Matching Clay Pieces and Glazes to the Kiln

Heating a kiln is one of the largest expenses of running a pottery business. They require a great deal of energy to reach the correct...

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Using Creative Marketing

For any new business, getting their name out to their potential customers is an important step in gaining market share. They want to be known...

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Top 3 Ways to Growing Your Clientbase

1) Business CardsThe simplest task of them all when starting up a business is creating your business cards. Business cards will help you to find...

Like any new business, there is always a risk of failure.

However, if you do your research, plan ahead, and find the right people (partners, employees, customers & suppliers) to work with, you have already given yourself the best change possible of running a successful company.