Is A Clay Pottery Business For You?

Top 3 Ways to Growing Your Clientbase

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1) Business Cards

The simplest task of them all when starting up a business is creating your business cards. Business cards will help you to find a large variety of customers in your local and surrounding areas. During the process of creating the cards it is in your best interest to add at least three forms of contact information for you and your business. Below is an example of what to add to your card:

John Adams
(xxx)-xxx-xxxx Mobile
(xxx)-xxx-xxxx Business

2) Promoting Your Business Online

An excellent way to get a customer base quickly is to promote your business on social media sites or on search engine sites. In order to promote your business online in the most efficient way you need to create a website for your pottery store. Finding a good web design agency is the first step. You do not necessarily have to offer a buy online option, but it is in your business’s best interest to at least offer customers the opportunity to view your products through the site. If you decide to set up an option for them to purchase your clay pottery online, you can easily do so buy setting up a Paypal account. This will give you quick access to your funds. Once your website has been launched, it's good practice to apply search engine optimisation to your website to gain some search engine traffic.

3) Finding a Partner

This option may not be for all business owners, but for some it could mean double the customer base and triple the income. By partnering up with another business in a different trade you can gain access to their customer base as well. An example in this situation would be partnering up with a catering company. When the company attends a catering event you can send them with a few complimentary pottery products from your business. The catering company will set them out along with their catering equipment. When individuals at the event see the piece they are likely to ask where it was bought and how they can purchase one. Right there is your gateway to new customers,

You may also find it very resourceful to establish relationships with established players in the ceramics industry such as who print ceramic decals for your ceramic or bone china products for large scale orders.