Is A Clay Pottery Business For You?

Using Creative Marketing

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For any new business, getting their name out to their potential customers is an important step in gaining market share. They want to be known as the place to go when people need an item or service they provide, and there are many ways of using creative marketing to get started without breaking the bank. Finding partners with established businesses is one way to do it, and using the many different forms of social platforms is another. For those who are willing to take the time to get out and meet potential customers in person, handing out discount coupons can get the name out and customers in the door.

Finding business partners for marketing purposes is fairly easy, but it should be done with an eye towards attracting potential customers. A pottery business that provides only finished goods might find work well with a local furniture store, and the two of them can create their own discount coupons for buying items at both stores. Creating a small display within each store to help customers see the benefits of shopping both places might also help.

The wealth of online opportunities to market today has grown enormously, and many of them now offer businesses advertising space. Buying advertising space can be quite expensive for a new business, but those who find creative ways of managing their marketing budget can always join groups. Their name will get out to the public in the area, and they might just find good customers walking in the door when they post pictures of colorful items for sale.

One way of advertising a new business is to hand out discount coupons in the area near the shop, but it can take a great deal of time. Meeting potential customers is a good way to give them a lasting impression, and a coupon for a small discount might help them make the decision to come in and browse.